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Hosted Point-of-Sale Business Intelligence

visualPos_lgDo you receive Point-of-Sale data from your Retail customers? The good news is that this POS data contains lots of valuable information about your sales. And getting it was fairly easy. However, making any meaningful decisions from that huge amount of data; well, that turned out to be the hard part.

What if someone could receive those humongous EDI 852 files, crunch the numbers, couple it with meaningful Item data from your ERP Applications, and produce an easy-to-use data mining tool that uses Microsoft Excel as its presentation layer (so almost everyone would be comfortable with it).

Digital Movers' Visual*POS is a Hosted Value Chain Business Intelligence Solution for Point-of-Sale data. Visual*POS is a managed solution - so you don't have to build or support it - that lets you "mine" your Customer's Retail POS business data (typically from EDI 852 transactions) using predefined and ad-hoc queries. In addition to receiving daily or weekly data feeds from your customers, Visual*POS has the ability to accumulate historical data (such as week-to-week, month-to-month, season-to-season, year-to-year) and couple it with your item master attributes into one "Smart" repository enabling you to analyze marketing and sales trending data over a period of time.

Visual*POS is a powerful, easy-to-use Excel-based reporting tool that features:

  • Improved partnership with your retail customers
  • Provides a flexible “front-end” to your POS data
  • Uses Microsoft Presentation Tools and Excel with Pivot Tables to mine the data
  • Keep your investment in your existing systems
  • Rapid, timely visibility to your data - facilitates quick decision making on Sales, Ordering, Product Movement and Product Availability
  • Powerful Executive Overview capabilities
  • Can be combined with any data-points (item, demographic data, etc.) from your internal systems
  • Access to “best practices” key performance indicators
  • No changes on the part of you or your Trading Partners
  • Reduce or eliminate the impact on your IT staff
  • A Hosted solution - You need NO specialized hardware, software or technical staff
  • Keep your investment in your existing systems
  • Reports can be delivered daily or weekly via email or download

All this for a low monthly fee!

Can your in-house systems answer the following questions?

  • What were the top 10 best selling products last week at all Retail locations? and how have they been trending over the past 4 weeks?
  • In which retailer's stores do I anticipate stock-outs of hot selling items? and how quickly can I replenish?
  • Which divisions are selling better across which consumer segments? and which brands are falling short across those segments?
  • In which product classes are we not maximizing sales opportunities? and which customers can we target?
  • What will my inventory position be for the next 6 months? and do my weeks of supply support my sales demand?
  • Which licenses performed better this month? What was the retail segment distribution? and am I meeting my forecast minimums?
  • Are my divisions, salesreps, and customers performing against forecast? and have my forecasts and revisions been accurate?
  • How does my product mix distribute against my top 20 customers? and where are my sales opportunities?

Visual*POS can!!

Contact us to arrange a “test drive” of Visual*POS to see how this powerful solution can work for your business.




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