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Extend your on-demand business model to include electronic business transactions with your customers and suppliers via Digital Movers’ hosted Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Service. Digital Movers Outsourced EDI is completely integrated with NetSuite’s On-Demand ERP so that you can quickly and cost effectively trade electronic purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices (as well as any other electronic document required by your customers) without managing any software or specialized personnel. Digital Movers’ Outsourced EDI Service features a web-based document tracking tool so you can audit and archive every transaction processed through the service. Digital Movers becomes your EDI department.


Digital Movers Hosted EDI Services for NetSuite

Direct and seamless integration with NetSuite On-Demand ERP is the strategic advantage of Digital Movers’ EDI Outsourcing Service. Web services are utilized to automatically incorporate electronic transactions such as purchase orders, invoices and ship notices with NetSuite. Perhaps most importantly, your entire EDI requirements are met without the need for any software or specialized EDI personnel.

Providing world-class hosted EDI solutions for over 20 years, Digital Movers has established EDI connectivity with hundreds of companies. As a result, you can achieve production EDI with your trading community quickly and cost effectively.

Digital Movers’ proprietary web-based document tracking tool provides you with the ability to track and trace every transaction that flows into NetSuite via the EDI service. All documents are archived providing you with another layer of security. Additionally, this web portal enables you to deal with customer/item number cross references as well as to interact with specialty EDI documents like point-of-sale, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration with NetSuite – Digital Movers’ EDI Outsourcing Service utilizes web services to support bi-directional integration with NetSuite for EDI documents – all without the need for you to support any software
  • Reduced and predictable EDI implementation costs and timelines – Digital Movers’ cost-effective pricing provides predictable pricing with no hidden costs
  • Experience – Digital Movers has provided hosted EDI services for over 20 years – clearly one of the pioneers in the on-demand EDI business model
  • Reliability and scalability – Digital Movers has made the proper investment in IT processes and infrastructure to meet your growing EDI requirements safely and securely.
  • Document tracking/archiving – Proprietary, web-based document tracking tool ensures that all EDI documents have reached their intended destination
  • Digital Movers becomes your EDI Department – One-stop support for training, customer support and working with your trading partners (customers and suppliers) to guide them through the EDI testing process.
  • Digital Movers EDI Outsourcing Service – Today’s Smart Alternative
  • Digital Movers' complete focus is the implementation of electronic commerce and EDI. As a result, we are best prepared to enable our customers to meet their internal deadlines for implementing new partners and integrating these technologies with your NetSuite application.


Complete End-to-End Demonstration Available – Customers and prospects can experience a complete, end-to-end demonstration of Digital Movers’ EDI Outsourcing Service prior to committing to a purchase. Seeing is believing – take advantage of this unique opportunity to test drive our solution.

Supports All EDI Document Types - In addition to using web services to seamlessly integrate core documents such as purchase orders, invoices and ship notices with NetSuite, Digital Movers’ EDI solution accommodates the processing of other EDI documents such as Text Messages, Product Sales Activity, etc. using custom report formats.

Complete Label Printing Capability Included – Digital Movers’ EDI Outsourcing Service supports complete GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) bar-coded labels. Labels templates in your trading partner’s format are included at no extra charge. Label printing is accomplished with no specialized software to support at your location.

Built-in Business Logic and Item Cross Reference Table – Integrating your customer’s variable EDI data with NetSuite can be tricky business. To support the accurate and timely exchange of business transactions, Digital Movers’ EDI Outsourcing Service maintains a database of item cross references to insure that data integrates with minimal interaction.


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