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Fax2Mail and Desktop Messaging

fax2mail_lgThink you still need Fax Servers or Fax Machines? Think again.

Go paperless with secure, efficient and reliable cloud-based fax services from Digital Movers. Today, owning your own Fax hardware and software has become too costly, un-scalable and unreliable, draining IT budgets and impacting the bottom line. Retire your obsolete fax servers and fax machines today!

Digital Movers Hosted Fax Services provide paperless, secure, efficient, and reliable electronic fax communications in a 100% managed services environment. Our Fax Network features:

  • The Fax Network – Secure, Reliable, Inbound and Outbound Fax Capabilities
  • Global carrier-grade service - local numbers in 50 countries and toll-free in 100 & number portability
  • Rapid ROI - Dramatically reduced fax costs
  • A Host of Benefits - Improves your productivity and quality of service
  • PDF editor - Lets you search through faxes quickly. Adobe compatible. Digital Signature
  • Easy-to-use - As simple as sending and receiving email directly from existing email accounts
  • Cost effective - Eliminate capital costs, software fees, telecom charges, ongoing maintenance
  • Secure - uses 128 bit encryption for sent and received files
  • Efficient - Trackable delivery, no busy signals, and no capacity constraints
  • Fully redundant - 7X24X365 support (by phone and email)
  • Compliant - SAS 70 Type II – PCI – HIPAA
  • Scalable – Hosted network scales to support large data transmissions and peak periods
  • Convenient – Send attachments directly from Microsoft Office applications like Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint plus handheld devices

Contact us to arrange a "test drive" to see how these powerful solutions can work for your business.


Hosted Point-of-Sale Business Intelligence

visualPos_lgDo you receive Point-of-Sale data from your Retail customers? The good news is that this POS data contains lots of valuable information about your sales. And getting it was fairly easy. However, making any meaningful decisions from that huge amount of data; well, that turned out to be the hard part.

What if someone could receive those humongous EDI 852 files, crunch the numbers, couple it with meaningful Item data from your ERP Applications, and produce an easy-to-use data mining tool that uses Microsoft Excel as its presentation layer (so almost everyone would be comfortable with it).

Digital Movers' Visual*POS is a Hosted Value Chain Business Intelligence Solution for Point-of-Sale data. Visual*POS is a managed solution - so you don't have to build or support it - that lets you "mine" your Customer's Retail POS business data (typically from EDI 852 transactions) using predefined and ad-hoc queries. In addition to receiving daily or weekly data feeds from your customers, Visual*POS has the ability to accumulate historical data (such as week-to-week, month-to-month, season-to-season, year-to-year) and couple it with your item master attributes into one "Smart" repository enabling you to analyze marketing and sales trending data over a period of time.

Visual*POS is a powerful, easy-to-use Excel-based reporting tool that features:

  • Improved partnership with your retail customers
  • Provides a flexible “front-end” to your POS data
  • Uses Microsoft Presentation Tools and Excel with Pivot Tables to mine the data
  • Keep your investment in your existing systems
  • Rapid, timely visibility to your data - facilitates quick decision making on Sales, Ordering, Product Movement and Product Availability
  • Powerful Executive Overview capabilities
  • Can be combined with any data-points (item, demographic data, etc.) from your internal systems
  • Access to “best practices” key performance indicators
  • No changes on the part of you or your Trading Partners
  • Reduce or eliminate the impact on your IT staff
  • A Hosted solution - You need NO specialized hardware, software or technical staff
  • Keep your investment in your existing systems
  • Reports can be delivered daily or weekly via email or download

All this for a low monthly fee!

Can your in-house systems answer the following questions?

  • What were the top 10 best selling products last week at all Retail locations? and how have they been trending over the past 4 weeks?
  • In which retailer's stores do I anticipate stock-outs of hot selling items? and how quickly can I replenish?
  • Which divisions are selling better across which consumer segments? and which brands are falling short across those segments?
  • In which product classes are we not maximizing sales opportunities? and which customers can we target?
  • What will my inventory position be for the next 6 months? and do my weeks of supply support my sales demand?
  • Which licenses performed better this month? What was the retail segment distribution? and am I meeting my forecast minimums?
  • Are my divisions, salesreps, and customers performing against forecast? and have my forecasts and revisions been accurate?
  • How does my product mix distribute against my top 20 customers? and where are my sales opportunities?

Visual*POS can!!

Contact us to arrange a “test drive” of Visual*POS to see how this powerful solution can work for your business.






Extend your on-demand business model to include electronic business transactions with your customers and suppliers via Digital Movers’ hosted Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Service. Digital Movers Outsourced EDI is completely integrated with NetSuite’s On-Demand ERP so that you can quickly and cost effectively trade electronic purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices (as well as any other electronic document required by your customers) without managing any software or specialized personnel. Digital Movers’ Outsourced EDI Service features a web-based document tracking tool so you can audit and archive every transaction processed through the service. Digital Movers becomes your EDI department.


Digital Movers Hosted EDI Services for NetSuite

Direct and seamless integration with NetSuite On-Demand ERP is the strategic advantage of Digital Movers’ EDI Outsourcing Service. Web services are utilized to automatically incorporate electronic transactions such as purchase orders, invoices and ship notices with NetSuite. Perhaps most importantly, your entire EDI requirements are met without the need for any software or specialized EDI personnel.

Providing world-class hosted EDI solutions for over 20 years, Digital Movers has established EDI connectivity with hundreds of companies. As a result, you can achieve production EDI with your trading community quickly and cost effectively.

Digital Movers’ proprietary web-based document tracking tool provides you with the ability to track and trace every transaction that flows into NetSuite via the EDI service. All documents are archived providing you with another layer of security. Additionally, this web portal enables you to deal with customer/item number cross references as well as to interact with specialty EDI documents like point-of-sale, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless integration with NetSuite – Digital Movers’ EDI Outsourcing Service utilizes web services to support bi-directional integration with NetSuite for EDI documents – all without the need for you to support any software
  • Reduced and predictable EDI implementation costs and timelines – Digital Movers’ cost-effective pricing provides predictable pricing with no hidden costs
  • Experience – Digital Movers has provided hosted EDI services for over 20 years – clearly one of the pioneers in the on-demand EDI business model
  • Reliability and scalability – Digital Movers has made the proper investment in IT processes and infrastructure to meet your growing EDI requirements safely and securely.
  • Document tracking/archiving – Proprietary, web-based document tracking tool ensures that all EDI documents have reached their intended destination
  • Digital Movers becomes your EDI Department – One-stop support for training, customer support and working with your trading partners (customers and suppliers) to guide them through the EDI testing process.
  • Digital Movers EDI Outsourcing Service – Today’s Smart Alternative
  • Digital Movers' complete focus is the implementation of electronic commerce and EDI. As a result, we are best prepared to enable our customers to meet their internal deadlines for implementing new partners and integrating these technologies with your NetSuite application.


Complete End-to-End Demonstration Available – Customers and prospects can experience a complete, end-to-end demonstration of Digital Movers’ EDI Outsourcing Service prior to committing to a purchase. Seeing is believing – take advantage of this unique opportunity to test drive our solution.

Supports All EDI Document Types - In addition to using web services to seamlessly integrate core documents such as purchase orders, invoices and ship notices with NetSuite, Digital Movers’ EDI solution accommodates the processing of other EDI documents such as Text Messages, Product Sales Activity, etc. using custom report formats.

Complete Label Printing Capability Included – Digital Movers’ EDI Outsourcing Service supports complete GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) bar-coded labels. Labels templates in your trading partner’s format are included at no extra charge. Label printing is accomplished with no specialized software to support at your location.

Built-in Business Logic and Item Cross Reference Table – Integrating your customer’s variable EDI data with NetSuite can be tricky business. To support the accurate and timely exchange of business transactions, Digital Movers’ EDI Outsourcing Service maintains a database of item cross references to insure that data integrates with minimal interaction.


Our Services

DATA - It is the lifeblood of your company. Digital Movers excels at turning your data into actionable information. Our hosted systems manage, massage, and migrate EDI, XML, fax and email data into and out of your legacy Applications. Couple this with our Automated Data Extraction Services, which pull business data out of your forms and fax documents, and you get one uniform managed stream of data on which to run your business.

Whether you need us to host and manage your EDI and XML Trading Partner relationships and transactions, obtain a discounted Tier-one Value-Added-Network (VAN) mailbox, start EDI quickly and easily with Web EDI services, have your paper faxes and forms turned into electronic transactions, want to analyze your business data with our Data Silo and Presentation services or desire to do-it-yourself by installing EDI Translation and Communication Software, Digital Movers’ is your one-stop shop.

Keep the Heart of your business beating with our Federated Electronic Commerce Business Solutions.

Our Managed Services Cover the Breadth and Depth of ECommerce Services:

Host*EDI EDI Outsourcing Service:
We become your 'EDI Department' – no need for specialized software, personnel or training.

Route*EDI Value Added Network (VAN) Services:
Digital Movers offers EDI VAN services from several (tier-one) Vans at reduced rates. Take advantage of our buying power.

Web*EDI Web-based ECommerce Services:
Become EDI capable with your customers or suppliers using only a browser and an Internet connection. Our Webforms are easy to use and include the ability to ‘Turn-around’ inbound documents into Outbound ones (such as turning an inbound order to an outbound order acknowledgement, invoice or advanced ship notice). This solution handles complex ASN as well as UCC-128 carton label printing.

Fax*EDI Fax Reception to EDI Services:
Convert faxed paper documents into electronic data and eliminate manual processing while leveraging your existing EDI infrastructure. Our Fax to EDI Service converts faxed documents and delivers both digital indexed tiff images and digital files of the document data – Purchase Orders, Invoice, etc.

Software*EDI EDI Software:
Digital Movers is a reseller of the Inovis software suite of products, such as TrustedLink Translation/mapping software and BizConnect communications software.

Support*EDI ECommerce Consulting Services:
Complete consulting services to help you maximize the value in your electronic commerce solutions.

Government*EDI GSA Purchasing Program:
Federal and State agencies are eligible for special pricing on our most popular services.

Visual*POSEDI 852 Point-of-Sale Reporting Services:
Digital Movers Visual*POS is a hosted, powerful, easy-to-use Excel-based reporting tool that lets you "mine" your Customer's Retail POS business data using predefined and ad-hoc queries. Its historical data accumulation capabilities coupled with your item master attributes creates one "Smart" repository enabling you to analyze marketing and sales trending data over a period of time.

Netsuite: Digital Movers Outsourced EDI is completely integrated with NetSuite’s On-Demand ERP so that you can quickly and cost effectively trade electronic purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices.

Fax2Mail and Desktop Messaging - Digital Movers Hosted Fax Services provide paperless, secure, efficient, and reliable electronic fax communications in a 100% managed services environment. Retire your obsolete fax servers and fax machines today!


Support*EDI — E- Commerce Consulting Services

EDI Consulting Services

Digital Movers provides consulting services to help our customers maximize the value of their electronic commerce solutions. Our highly knowledgeable staff is experienced on many EDI translators and mapping solutions, as well as most communications protocols and VAN connectivity options.

  • Our staff augments yours
  • Use only when needed
  • Free up key resources for other projects
  • Available on a per diem or project basis

Translator / Mappers

  • TSI Mercator
  • Inovis-Trusted Link – Plus, we offer discounted pricing on all Inovis software products.

VAN Connectivity

  • All the major Value Added Networks – Plus we offer discounted pricing on Inovis, Easylink and EDS mailboxes.

Communications Strengths

  • WS_FTP and secure FTP
  • bTrade
  • Cleo Lexicom
  • EDIINT (AS1 and AS2)
  • Bisync
Request Information on Support*EDI

Government*EDI – GSA Purchasing Program

Digital Movers has several services under IT Schedule 70. Government purchasers get these at our lowest discounted rates via GSAAdvantage.

1). Discounted Value-Added-Network (VAN) mailbox services from Easylink, Inovis, and HP-EDS.

Digital Movers is the largest reseller of VAN Services. Because we buy large quantities at wholesale prices, we can offer low per kilocharacter rates with the simplest pricing program in the industry. You get YOUR OWN secure, dedicated mailbox from Inovis (along with Inovis’ outstanding support services) and you get a lower VAN bill from Digital Movers.


2). Fax to EDI data extraction / conversion.


Digital Movers solution helps you reduce or eliminate the inbound paper document issue while leveraging your existing investment in EDI. Our Fax Reception to EDI/XML Solution automatically converts information from trading partner's faxes into electronic data and then delivers this data into ERP or other enterprise applications in EDI, XML or proprietary flat files. The result?


Your faxed documents are processed just like your electronic ones.

Request Information on GSA Purchasing Program


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